About us

Alex Gordon

Lead Pastor


The Paradise Community Development Corporation is a collaborative 501c3 nonprofit located in Forest Park, GA. Through strategic partnerships with like-minded agencies and organizations, we carry out our mission to embrace the youth, uplift the families, and transform the community.  

We are headquartered within the Paradise Gymnasium and Cultural Center; a 15,000 square foot facility that equips us with more than adequate space and capacity for our faith-based programming and events geared towards the community. Because we envision a Clayton County where all youth and families thrive, the PCDC works diligently to (re-)ignite hope and to spark the passion to achieve in the lives of all we serve.

While most ‘community development’ organizations mainly focus their investment activities on capital projects, we, at the PCDC, believe PEOPLE are, and will always be, the most important asset in any community.  Through our internal partnerships we offer consistent weekly initiatives that nurture young people ages 4-17 within a safe and caring environment and engage adults in areas of continued interests and learning.

MeeT OUR Founders

Bishop Paul L. Fortson, Prelate

Evg. Carolyn C. Fortson, First Lady

Barbados & Caribbean Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction 



Paul Q. Fortson, DMin, MBA

President & COO / Founder

Elder Dr. Paul Q. Fortson is the President and COO of PCDC.  Also a Founder, "Dr. Q.", as he is affectionately known, has worked tirelessly to ensure PCDC has a relevant, positive, and lasting impact on the Forest Park community. In his role as COO, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization including partnership cultivation and management, business development, strategic planning and execution, and community relations. As a minister, Dr. Q. has a heart for young people and has  mentored and served as a father figure to several throughout the neighborhood. 


Lynnett R. Glass, MDiv, MBA

Executive Consultant

Lynnett Glass faithfully serves the PCDC and the beloved community of Forest Park, GA as a trusted business partner and consultant. Involved from the early beginnings, she was the PCDC's first Executive Director (2014-2018). As such, she helped to build the vision, establish the impact, and oversee governance of the collaborative organization. Currently, Lynnett assists PCDC Leadership with strategic planning, partnership cultivation and management, fundraising, and administration.