Program Partners

Building healthy, innovative, collaborative partnerships is what we’re all about. 

By joining forces and sharing resources, we collectively

embrace, uplift & transform 

the lives of youth and families in the Forest Park and Clayton County community with greater impact and precision. 

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 Our partners

PCDC Partner since 2014

Ladies of Favor 
Be Minor, Be Major, Always Be a Lady.

One of the best mentoring programs in the world, featured on CNN and Nickelodeon for the efforts made in saving and changing the lives of girls.


Ladies of Favor started with an idea and has touched the lives of many. Giving glory to God, Ladies of Favor is a highly sought after program to help restore the lives of young ladies that have been broken and wounded. Ladies of Favor continuously works 
hard to ensure the lives of girls are changed forever. 


Founder/Director: Gabrielle Starr, PhD

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Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be Ambitious.jpeg

PCDC Partner since 2017

AmbitiousX Learning Center 
Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be Ambitious

Is an educational youth program which provides a hub site with support services to facilitate an enhanced educational experience for students enrolled in Georgia Connections Academy (GACA) (a virtual online public charter school).

AXLC fosters and promotes blended-learning with real world applications while helping prepare students for college & career.

AmbitiousX Learning Center, an affiliate of Ambitious Initiatives, Inc. (AmbitiousX) a 501c3 social impact agency leading community transformation.

Site Directors: Sharon Stovall-Daniel

                       Deetra Poindexter

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PCDC Partner since 2017

YouthServ360, Inc.

The mission of YouthServ360, Inc. (YS360) is to cultivate well rounded youth who are in-tune with their community and the world around them! We take a holistic approach!


YS360 puts an emphasis on helping young people to become global citizens who are in tuned with their communities. YS360 achieves this goal through character education, language programming, environmental awareness, community involvement, fine arts education, volunteer service, apprenticeship programming, and state-wide, national and international travel opportunities. The program seeks, among other things, to help young people to become proficient in a foreign language and travel to foreign countries where they can provide service to others. We realize that experiences like these will increase the confidence of young people and help them to recognize their true potential.

Executive Director: Christina Guillen

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AD&A Rising Stars

The Adolescents Determined and Achieving (AD&A) Rising Stars organization serves as a trusted community resource for disenfranchised youth and their families. 


Through strategic community partnerships and alliances, our mission is to provide emotional, recreational and educational support to students of single parent families who need a helping hand with food, clothes, shelter, academic mentoring and financial assistance.

Executive Director: Alijerita Weems

PCDC Partner since 2018

If you're interested in serving the Forest Park/Clayton County community and would like to partner with PCDC, please contact us at today!